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Energy Week

Curious about the state of energy in Australia?

By Admin | April 26, 2019

Australian Energy week is a national conference held in Australia, uniquely positioned to offer the most comprehensive national energy sector coverage and the broadest networking potential – all in one place. Australian Energy Week is the annual meeting place for stakeholders of all levels from the entire energy supply chain. From CEOs to new graduates,…

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Easter Closure

By Admin | April 19, 2019

Just letting you know that Brisbane Electrical will be taking a well urned break over Easter and our office will be closed from and including Friday 19th of April 2019 reopening on Tuesday the 23rd or April 2019. We wish you all a very happy and above all safe easter from the team here at…

Stay safe

5 Top Tips for keeping safe with appliances in your home.

By Admin | April 12, 2019

Here are our 5 top tips to keeping safe with applicances in your home: Keep it clearMake sure appliances like televisions and computer monitors (which generate heat) have several inches of clearance to ensure adequate air circulation. Switch it offNever leave appliances running when you are away from your home. Be sure to switch off…

Anyone can fake being licenced

5 easy ways to spot a dodgy Electrical Contractor (and what you should do if you think you have one working on your home)!

By Admin | April 7, 2019

No matter the industry (and in spite of the associated regulations) there is always a bottom feeder ready to take advantage of people. People that want to grab cash and dash, with promises to fix everything in your home. The problem with unlicensed contractors or people pretending to be licenced electricians is that you have…

stair lighting

10 Stairway lighting ideas for modern and contemporary interiors

By Admin | March 29, 2019

Check out the original articlehere. “We’ve already discussed staircases on numerous occasions but each time the focus was on the staircase alone, its design, material, style, etc. The stairway lighting got lost along the way so we decided this time to focus on that element alone. Here are a few examples of stairway lighting for…

Smart Meter

Should you upgrade your switchboard?

By Admin | March 22, 2019

Who’s responsibility is it? When should it be done and how do you know what to do when it comes to assessing, upgrading and replacing meter boxes and switchboards? Technology has come a long way in Australia when it comes to electricity and in many of our older homes, you can find outdated switchboards and…

Electricians in china

Photos of these electricians will blow you away!

By Admin | March 8, 2019

These AMAZING photos show emergency workers inspecting high voltage wires on the power transmission tower in the mountain area of Wuhan, capital of central China’s Hubei Province. On the 12th of February, a team of electricians was dispatched to repair a high voltage wire that was broken due to thick layer of ice accumulation. After…

Positive Power

Positive Power Community

By Admin | March 1, 2019

Know an awesome business that does great things in the community? Tell us about them! Throughout 2019, we will be choosing one business every month (12 local businesses) to promote on our website as part of our Brisbane Electricals ‘Positive Power Community’. If they are chosen from the nominations for that month they will be…

Hire a licenced electricial

Why you should care about hiring a licenced AC installer!

By Admin | February 22, 2019

It might seem like a no brainer, but it’s often overlooked. Installing, repairing, and servicing AC units is a technical process which requires a qualified, skilled and most importantly licenced professional to get the job done. Now that we have got your attention, the most important thing to note is that the handling of refrigerant…

Electricians Hi Pages Specialists

Electricians are the most trusted tradies, hipages survey reveals

By Admin | February 15, 2019

Plumbers might get the big bucks — at least anecdotally — but sparkies have been found to be the most trustworthy tradies. The hipages Tradie Trust Index has found both customers and other tradies rate electricians as the most trustworthy trade. Pymble-based electrician Michael Harvey said that was because of the trade’s high level of…

Airtasker Sparky Fined

Airtasker “sparky” slapped with 100k in fines!

By Admin | February 8, 2019

There are reasons you get what you pay for when it comes to tradesmen. Check out the latest for AirTasker! “electrician has been fined $100,000 after an investigation revealed he had no training or qualifications at all to perform that work. Amilcar Appel posed as a qualified electrician between November 2015 and June 2017 but…

6 Electrical Issues You Need to Report

By Admin | February 1, 2019

Ever noticed something strange but been unsure if it is enough of a problem to report? Here are 5 things that should have you calling a licensed electrician to review: Excessively high electrical billsElectrical shocks when using appliances or switches (or switches not working properlyDips in power or frequent electrical surgesExcessive heat from overhead lightingLight…

Electricity Audit

3 Spring Cleaning Activities for your home (to keep your electrics safe).

By Admin | January 25, 2019

Winter in Queensland generally isn’t anything to write home about. No snow or ice. But regardless of the temperature outside, once the winter months pass there are three things you should put on your home spring cleaning list before summer usage starts to put pressure on your home electrical systems. Audit your usage and your…

LED Lighting

What is LED Lighting (and why you should swap your halogen bulbs out for them).

By Admin | January 18, 2019

Heard noise about LEDs but not sure what the big deal is? Let us fill you in! Halogen downlights use outdated an inefficient technology. A typical halogen downlight will cost $25 in electricity to run each year. In comparison an equivalent LED will cost $3 in electricity to run each year. That’s why all new…

Brisbane Electrical

4 ways to help your air conditioner last longer (and why you should do them)

By Admin | January 8, 2019

Summer is here and we are certainly feeling the heat, but how do you keep your airconitioner running at its best between professional services & cleans? Keep your external unit cleanMake sure that dirt and dust doesn’t build up on the metallic Compressor fins. This inhibits the free flow of air into your unit making…

Wind Farm

Denmark leading the world with wind!

By Admin | January 6, 2019

Denmark has set a world record for wind energy – being hailed as “the key to stop global warming”. According to the Independant ‘wind-generated energy made up almost 40 per cent of the country’s overall electricity consumption in 2014 – making it the world’s leading nation in wind-based power. About 39.1 per cent of electricity used in the country…

Electricians in Brisbane

We are here to support you Brisbane!

By Admin | December 26, 2018

Electricians near me? Think Brisbane Electrical! Here at Brisbane Electrical, we are accredited, active and affordable electricians based in Brisbane. With excellent attention to detail, we pride ourselves on providing the very best suite of services to our community here in Brisbane. We are certified, offer wonderful career opportunities to up and coming electricians, and are members…

Electrical Tips

Save money and put your christmas lights on a timer this year.

By Admin | December 20, 2018

Christmas is coming and with it, the rising costs of cooling, gifts, Christmas dinner (and if you are heading off a holiday too!). What better way to save money than to turn off those Christmas lights after the neighbourhood can no longer appreciate them? The problem being unless you’re a fan of staying up till…

Merry Christmas from Brisbane Electrical!

By Admin | December 13, 2018

Merry Christmas! With Christmas swiftly approaching, we wanted to let all our clients both past and present know that the team here at Brisbane Electrical would like to wish you and yours an exceptional Christmas and a very safe and happy new year! We look forward to servicing your electrical needs into 2019 and how…

New Wiring Rules edition released – Work Safe Queensland

By Admin | December 5, 2018

Are you using an electrician certified for the job? The new edition of the Wiring Rules (AS/NZS 3000:2018) has been released and it affects the industry in a number of ways. Here at Brisbane Electrical we take pride in compliance with our industry requirements and ensure our staff are always certified for the job, skilled and…

Need an electrician over christmas? Call us!

By Admin | December 1, 2018

Christmas is coming! If you need help or support over the Christmas Break be sure to contact the team here at Brisbane Electrical we are  here with 24/7 emergency support over the christmas break, contact us on 07 3378 3387 for support!

Electricians in Brisbane

Recent on the job shots!

By Admin | November 25, 2018

Check out some of our recent on the job photos of the team getting busy making Brisbane Safe! Our team of electricians are highly trained, skilled and experienced providing you and your loved ones with an exceptional experience every time! As you can see from this collection of recent work photos, we are also versatile,…

Air Conditioner Filters Installation and service

Are your airconditioners filters making you sick?

By Admin | November 20, 2018

When your air conditioner filter is dirty, everything past that filter in the system is dirty too (including the air you are breathing!) According to the ACAAI, dirty air filters can be a major health hazard. Studies show that indoor air pollution caused by a dirty air filter can trigger allergic reactions and sinus congestion in…

Christmas is coming – how to store your lights!

By Admin | November 8, 2018

Christmas is on the way so we thought we would share this fantastic wiki on various ways to store your Christmas lights. Check out the full article here. Christmas lights are always a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Unfortunately, anyone who sets them up knows that getting them out and untangling them…

Pets and electricity – prevention is key!

By Admin | November 2, 2018

  Everyone loves their pets but when it comes to having them in the home with electricity around there are many things to consider to ensure your family pet is safe around power. Animals love to chew (particularly puppies) and this means electrical cords are a potential hazard. Try to eliminate access to cords by…

Electrical safety tips for kids and how to childproof your home!

By Admin | October 26, 2018

There are many ways you can teach your children to be safe around electricity, here are a few to consider coaching your children to avoid: Never put fingers or other objects in an outlet Keep metal objects out of toasters Never use anything with a cord or plug around water Never pull a plug out…

Thinking about installing fans this summer?

By Admin | October 19, 2018

Heating and cooling are some of the most energy-intensive applications in a home and also the most costly in terms of electricity, gas, oil or even wood consumed. The cost isn’t just financial. All that energy has to come from somewhere and unless your house is supplied with green energy indirectly or has a substantial solar panel array;…

What are the signs the wiring in your home is unsafe?

By Admin | October 12, 2018

Lightbulbs are burning out too early (when things like insulation, wattage, bad wiring on the circuit or mains etc have been excluded). Frequent Electrical Surges (not caused by lightning, downed power lines or things like damaged equipment) Overly and consistently high electricity bills (even after swapping to another provider and correcting the above issues). Dimmer…

Brisbane Electrical

Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

By Admin | October 5, 2018

Replacing or cleaning air conditioner filters is a critical maintenance task. An air conditioner’s filters, coils, and fins require regular maintenance for the unit to function effectively and efficiently throughout its years of service. Neglecting necessary maintenance ensures a steady decline in air conditioning performance while energy use steadily increases. Photo courtesy of ©iStockphoto/firemanYU. Air…

Save Money on Electricity

Save on your electricity bill

By Admin | September 18, 2018

Save on your electricity bill Save money on your power bill and reduce your carbon footprint with these ideas: Switch off and unplug appliances A quick and easy way to reduce your electricity bill is to turn off appliances at the power point when you’re not using them. When things like computers and TVs switch…


safety switch

By Admin | September 14, 2018

I have a safety switch—isn’t one enough? Safety switches are often confused with circuit breakers and fuses, but they perform different tasks. A Safety switch monitors the flow of electricity through a circuit and turn off the power in a fraction of a second if a leakage of current is detected. Safety switches provide personal…

Mobile Service

Meet our team!

By Admin | September 7, 2018

Meet our team. Our team here at Brisbane Electrical are something special! On the job in Ipswich bright and early today to install fans! Summer is on the way book your fan installs today! Pm our page for more info!#Sparky #Summer #BNEelectrical Posted by Brisbane Electrical Pty Ltd on Wednesday, 5 September 2018 Unlike some…

Storm Season Brisbane Electrical

Storm Season is on the way!

By Admin | September 1, 2018

Storm Season is Coming Brisbane Storms don’t just pose a threat to our homes; they also pose a threat to our physical safety. In Queensland, storms are just a part of life. Every year we see havoc wreaked by lightning, flooding, strong winds and hail. So how do you stay safe in the storm season? 1.…

Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety Week Is Coming Up!

By Admin | August 20, 2018

Electricity Safety Week 2018   Get involved in Electricity Safety Week from 10 to 14 September! With events tailored for industry leaders, electrical workers, contractors and apprentices it’s a great opportunity to find out more about electrical safety. Below is a list of events upcoming as hosted by Worksafe Queensland. Check out the full list…

The Crew - Brisbane Electrical

Staying safe around switches, leads and powerpoints

By Admin | August 13, 2018

Switches and how to stay safe around them. Follow these simple tips for using and maintaining electrical switches, leads and power points and making your home safe. Switches, power points and power boards Do not overload power points or power boards by “piggy backing” plugs into one socket or by using double adaptors – all…

Brisbane Electrical

What are safety switches, surge diverters and circuit breakers?

By Admin | August 5, 2018

Surge Diverters, Safety switches and circuit breakers – What’s the difference? Surge diverters are often confused with safety switches and circuit breakers. Safety switches are not the same as circuit breakers or fuses. Safety switches are designed to prevent injury or death by automatically switching off the electricity supply, within 0.03 of a second, when an…

Brisbane Electrical Team

Jindalee State School ready for term 3!

By Admin | August 1, 2018

We have been busy! Check out the work we completed at Jindalee State School to help keep their air conditioners clean and clear of nasty’s!  

On the Job - Brisbane Electrical

What is the big deal with LED lights?

By Admin | July 30, 2018

LED Lights LED lights are the latest technology in energy efficient lighting, set to change the way we look at lighting our homes and offices. But how do they work? ‘LED lighting products produce light approximately 90% more efficiently than incandescent light bulbs. An electrical current passes through a microchip, which illuminates the tiny light…

Storm Season

7 Tips for summer storm safety!

By Admin | July 19, 2018

7 tips to stay safe in Summer storms Summer (and its storms) comes early every year here in Brisbane, and whilst it is only a few short months away we feel we should share this wonderful checklist provided by Master Electricians! Often we won’t consider the damage that storms can do (and what we have to…

On The Job - Brisbane Electrical

Why you should NEVER do your own electrical work.

By Admin | July 11, 2018

Electricians in Queensland must be licenced, and there are so many reasons why these laws exist. From the requirements for insurance and public liability to the specialist knowledge and training, we undertake to ensure our work is compliant and safe. Hiring a licenced electrical contractor (with a current licence) means that the work undertaken will…