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Customer Liaison, Accounts, HR and WHS


Customer Liaison, Accounts, HR and WHS

Kellie has the responsibility of ensuring our business runs smoothly. She’s across Customer Liaison, Accounts, HR and WHS – usually all before lunch!

A self-admitted foodie, Kellie is motivated to provide her family and the guys in the business with wholesome, healthy snacks – “men are basically machines…if you feed them rubbish, they run on idle but top them up with low GI, balanced meals…they work harder, for longer – simple”. Thanks for that delightful analysis of the male physiology and psychology Kellie (perhaps studying Applied Psychology at Uni was the perfect preparation for working at Brisbane Electrical?) – no offence taken, as long as you keep ’em snacks comin’!

In addition to mastering the basic humanities, Kellie’s life philosophy is “May your soul be your anchor and your feet keep you grounded”. Thank goodness she practices what she preaches.

But what does she do in her downtime? “I’ve no time for sport – tackling the kids and all the pets (2 dogs, a cat and fish) is enough!”

What her colleagues say about Kellie:

“A team motivator and she always pays me on time!” – Nathan

“Soft and sweet!” – Daniel

“She keeps everything organised.” – Kent

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Kellie Mikelsons - Brisbane Electrical

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Here at Brisbane Electrical, we believe that old-fashioned customer service and value for money are key to happy clients.

As a bricks and mortar Australian owned and operated small business it is important for us to ensure our clients experience the highest quality service every time.

We will always:

Electricians Brisbane Come to you saving you time and money
Electricians Brisbane Provide the highest quality service at and affordable price
Electricians Brisbane Be on time and on budget
Electricians BrisbaneAlways be professional & respectful
Electricians Brisbane Clean up after ourselves


Proudly Servicing Chermside to Springwood, Ipswich to Wellington Point…and beyond!

Lost power at 2am? Need LED downlights installed? Maybe you need your air conditioner cleaned? Contact us here at Brisbane Electrical, we have you covered.  We help clients all over Brisbane from Chermside to Springwood, Ipswich to Wellington Point we are here to help you keep your, your loved ones, your home or office safe and working well.

We can help with:

Lights, Fans & Power
Telephone, TV & Data
Faults & Repairs
Electrical Safety Inspections
LED Lighting Specialists
Air Conditioning Supply and Installation
and much more!

No matter what your need we can help. Brisbane Electrical, Electricians you can trust!

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