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Electrician (and NOT Kent's brother)


Electrician (and NOT Kent's brother)

A qualified Electrician with a Cert 2 in Business, Nathan’s a genuine asset to Brisbane Electrical. His relentless motivation and energy drive him (literally) across Brisbane, tending to customer’s jobs across our city. He’s also very inventive and no job is too hard or difficult. All the while, Nathan puts customers first – you could say he’s hard wired that way.

But it’s not all about work in Nathan’s life! He’s pretty big the 4×4 and Drift community, getting out and about at weekends, either to the bush or swap meets and musters. Of course, if he or his buddies’ cars develop electrical faults miles from anywhere, there’s no one better placed to get them home – we’ve heard some pretty inventive fixes that would give the Bush Mechanics a run for their money!

Lastly, Nathan is fixated on food…and his dog. In fact, they’re both fixated on food but we’re at a loss as to where Nathan puts it – he’s a Slim Jim Sparky Machine.

What his colleagues say about Nathan:

“He’s reliable, slim to fit in roof spaces and he’s mobile, but all that aside, he’s great to work with – even taught me a few tricks!” – Kent

“Nathan works hard and plays hard – that’s something I appreciate but it’s hard keeping up with him sometimes!” – Daniel

“He teaches us about technology. he survived 4 years with Kent as an apprentice and decided to stay!” – Kellie

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Nathan Purcell - Brisbane Electrical