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Switchboards, Repairs and Upgrades

If you want to feel confident about the power supply (switchboards) and safety of the electrics in your home or business, then it is important your switchboards have been recently checked and are operating at peak performance levels. Any inconsistencies or problems with your overall power supply could potentially be related to the efficiency of your board.

Having correctly installed, functioning switchboards  installed in your home or office is paramount to the safety of anyone who comes into contact with your space. Here at Brisbane Electrical we can take a look at your switchboard, inspect and test it to ensure  safe and compliant boards are installed and if required,  carry out any necessary upgrades so that you are satisfied your domestic or commercial electrical hub is easily handling its electrical load efficiently and safely 24 hours a day.

Safety Switches

Switchboards & upgrades

Surge Protection

Mains Upgrades

So if you are feeling concerned, have just moved into a new location, unsure you have sufficient boards or have noticed signs that your switchboards are not performing at peak levels, contact Brisbane Electrical to talk to the team dedicated to making sure your home or office are safe.

We care about our clients

Here at Brisbane Electrical, we are Electricians in Brisbane and believe that old-fashioned customer service and value for money are key to happy clients.

As a bricks and mortar Australian owned and operated small business it is important for us to ensure our clients experience the highest quality service every time.

We will always:


Electricians Brisbane Come to you saving you time and money
Electricians Brisbane Provide the highest quality service at and affordable price
Electricians Brisbane Be on time and on budget
Electricians BrisbaneAlways be professional & respectful
Electricians Brisbane Clean up after ourselves


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